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Welcome to Addis Ababa Bible College!  

The mission statement of ABC is as follows:
ABC trains Spirit-empowered ministers for full-time service to God, the local church and the unreached of Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa and the world.
We believe whoever God brings to ABC is for the purpose of equipping him to better serve God, His Church, and the unreached people groups of both Ethiopia and the regions beyond.  We are committed to helping the student become a mature disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, dependent on the Holy Spirit and better skilled in the individual’s ministry gifts in order to have an increased impact on this country and to bring greater glory to God.
ABC consists of a pleasant campus, a gifted faculty and a strong academic program.  But ABC is much more.  It is a dynamic, spiritual environment, which will influence the student’s values, behavior and ministry for the rest of his life. Training extends beyond the classroom and the library.  It includes fellowship in chapels, prayer meetings, dorms and the cafeteria that will contribute to the transformation of the trainee’s spiritual life.
The guiding principles for living at ABC are servant hood and growth.  All students are expected to be a servant in their relationships with their fellow students, the faculty and the staff.  In addition they should be committed to growth in their relationship with God, their knowledge of His word and their ministry to people.
About Us
ABC’s Distinctiveness
Accreditation and Endorsement
ABC has a cooperative educational agreement with Global University (GU), USA, and jointly confers an accredited Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Theology to those who meet all of the academic and ministerial requirements of both institutions.  Global University serves in 120 countries and is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, Washington, D.C. GU also works closely with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) as a result of which ABC graduates have become eligible to apply to theological graduate schools accredited by ACTEA that are operating both in Ethiopia and in other parts of Africa. ABC also offers an Advanced Diploma. The Advanced Diploma is transferable into the degree program.  ABC is endorsed by the African Theological Training Services (ATTS).
An Explanation of the Mission Statement
The mission statement of ABC describes why the College exists.  It also describes the influence the College will have on the student’s life.  It is our prayer that the mission statement will become part of the core values of our graduates.
“ABC trains Spirit-empowered ministers for full-time service to God, the local church and the unreached of Ethiopia, the Horn of African and the world.”
Addis Ababa Bible College Is a Bible College
A Bible college is an institution of higher learning, where the main goal of the academic curriculum is the study of the Bible. Emphasis is given to the proper interpretation of the Bible and application of the biblical message.  All courses, including those in the general education and general elective divisions, consider the Bible as a supplemental textbook.
A second characteristic of a Bible college is providing a daily chapel. Chapel is for all students, faculty and administration and is considered the most important time of each day.  It is a time for God to speak prophetically to the ABC community and for the gifts of the Spirit to operate.
A third characteristic of a Bible college is that it trains people to serve the local church.  Practical ministry for the local congregation is emphasized.
ABC Trains People
Training describes the educational process of blending the theoretical and practical.  It is more than lecturing and memorizing.  Training impacts both one’s values and behavior.  It equips the minister to be more effective in his/her calling.
Students Strive to Be Spirit-Empowered Ministers
ABC is a Pentecostal college in doctrine and practice.  Its doctrine is consistent with traditional Pentecostal theology.  The College desires that all students seek the supernatural empowering of the Spirit and guard against an over-reliance on their training, ministry skills and rational abilities.
Full-time Servant Ministers Are Needed in the Church
ABC trains those who are called by God to serve the church and are committed to using all of their time and ability for this purpose.  These people include those described in Ephesians 4:11-12, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, along with others who provide leadership for the local church.  They build up the church using all of their strength and skills while avoiding other entanglements.  They depend on God who provides for their material needs through the support of the church.  A full-time minister is not more important to God than one who serves on a part-time basis.  Full-time refers to a specific calling, focus, commitment and faith.
ABC Trains People to Serve God
Every believer has the privilege and responsibility of serving and worshiping God.  While at ABC students learn to be worshipers of God, responding to who He is and what He has done.  Worship is far more than the moments people gather in church to sing, pray and preach.  It is a way of life.
Ministry Must Concentrate on the Local Church
No matter what giftings and calling a person has, they must build up the local church body.  ABC attempts to equip people who love the church and will serve the local church in order to build up the believers and transform their local community.
ABC is Committed to Fulfilling the Great Commission
ABC is a missions-oriented college that trains missionaries for cross cultural service.  A missionary goes as God’s representative to people of a different culture for the purpose of evangelizing and planting indigenous churches.  Missions at ABC begins in Ethiopia among the unreached.
ABC believes that God will call students to go beyond the borders of Ethiopia to the people groups and countries in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region.  God has a purpose for the churches of Ethiopia that extends far beyond her geographical borders.  God has commissioned Ethiopians to reach the people groups in the Horn of Africa and beyond.  ABC trains students to listen to God’s voice and sacrificially go anywhere on the globe where God leads for the purpose of expanding His Kingdom.
History of ABC
In 1992, missionaries from the Assemblies of God Mission (USA), called the Division of Foreign Missions (DFM), were invited to Ethiopia to establish a degree-granting Bible college In consultation with the Evangelical leaders of Ethiopia The purpose of the school was to train ministers, including pastors, evangelists, teachers and missionaries, to serve the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches of Ethiopia.  The College opened its doors in September, 1994.  The first students graduated in 1998. Since its inception, the college, faculty and staff have been committed to pursuing excellence in ministerial training and spiritual development.  The College was first located in Kotebe.  In June 2001, the campus was moved to its current location in Wollo Sefer.
The College is owned and operated by the Ethiopia Gubae Egziabher Church (EGEC).  The College functions under the governance of the Board of Directors, which consists of leadership from the EGEC, representatives of the Assemblies of God Mission, the Principal, the alumni representative and leaders from Evangelical Churches.  The administration of the College is appointed by the Board of Directors to carry out the daily operations of the institution in compliance with the decisions of the Board and in agreement with the mission statement of the College.
Church Relationships
ABC is a ministry arm of the Ethiopia Gubae Egziabher Church.  All students are expected to respect the doctrinal statement of the College. The College also serves the entire Evangelical and Pentecostal community of Ethiopia.  The student body represents a wide, interdenominational blend of students.  The College is committed to training servant ministers who will return to their denominations and local churches and serve effectively.  ABC desires to maintain a healthy partnership and trusting relationship with all the churches and denominations who send their men and women to the College for training. Church leaders are welcome to visit the campus and offer comments that can strengthen the training program.

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